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About Us

Guild Insurance  was founded in 1946 by William Cepak. It was then that the values and integrity that we promote today began to grow roots.

“The Guild”, as it was originally referred to, specialized in Liquor Liability (Dram Shop) Insurance in the Chicago land area.

Mr. Cepak (Billy) was a natural fit for the insurance industry. Being a former Lightweight Boxing Champion, Boxing Promoter, and Night Club Owner, he was a true “people person”. People just liked to do business with Billy. Being a club owner, he was very aware and familiar with the unique insurance demands of the Hospitality and Alcoholic Beverage Business. He was likeable, honest, and always put the needs of the customer first. He also recognized that there was a very real need for specialized agents who could offer advice and insight regarding the often-confusing dram shop laws.

Although our customer base was a mix of retail and wholesale in our infancy, the industry changed over the years and so have we. Today, we focus on wholesale (brokered) business and write accounts in nearly every county of the State of Illinois, through our network of over 400 retail agents. These include independent agents, captive agents, and national brokers.  We do maintain a retail division at our home office that offers traditional insurance products such as Home, Auto, and Business Insurance.

Through years of hard work, dedication, and 4 generations of family members’ service, Guild Insurance continues to uphold the business values of old. Our word is our promise, and our handshake is gold. In addition to being one of the most respected and recognized leaders in the Illinois Beverage & Hospitality Wholesale Insurance Market, our agency also holds the prestigious distinction of being a Lloyds of London Correspondent for Liquor Liability in the State of Illinois. Ask’ll like what you hear!

We strive to provide industry best service with support from the most competitive Insurance Markets available.

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